RETINA Reading Group

Fall 2006

We are meeting in room EA 409 at 11:40-12:30 on Mondays. You can access the papers from our online bibliography page.

Date Topic Presenter
Nov 6 "Animals on the Web," by Tamara Berg and David Forsyth (CVPR 2006)
"Using Multiple Segmentations to Discover Objects and their Extent in Image Collections," by B. Russell, A. Efros, J. Sivic, W. Freeman, and A. Zisserman (CVPR 2006)
"Integrating Co-Occurrence and Spatial Contexts on Patch-Based Scene Segmentation," by Monay, Quelhas, Odobez, Gatica-Perez (CVPR 2006)
"Multi-Subset Selection for Keyword Extraction and Other Prototype Search Tasks Using Feature Selection Algorithms," by Somol, Pudil (ICPR 2006)
Pınar Duygulu
Selim Aksoy
Nov 13 "Automatic Discovery of Action Taxonomies from Multiple Views," by D. Weinland, R. Ronfard, E. Boyer (CVPR 2006)
"Behavior Modeling and Recognition Based on Space-Time Image Features," by H. Li, Z. Hu, Y. Wu, F. Wu (ICPR 2006)
"Robust On-line Change-Point Detection in Video Sequences," by G. Tsechpenakis, Dimitris N, C. Neidle, O. Hadihiliadis (CVPR 2006)
"Interactive Feature Tracking using K-D Trees and Dynamic Programing," A. Buchanan, A. Fitzgibbon (CVPR 2006)
Nazlı İkizler
Tolga Can
Nov 20 "Joint Recognition of Complex Events and Track Matching," by M. T Chan, A. Hoogs, R. Bhotika, A. Perera, J. Schmiederer, G. Doretto (CVPR 2006)
"Recognizing Facial Expressions by Tracking Feature Shapes," by Atul Kanaujia, Dimitris Metaxas (ICPR 2006)
"A simple Bayesian Framework for Content based image retrieval," by K. A. Heller, Z. Ghahramani (CVPR 2006)
"Discriminative Patch Selection using Combinatorial and Statistical Models for Patch-Based Object Recognition," by A. Vashist, Z. Zhao, A. lgammal, I. uchnik, C. Kulikowski (CVPR 2006)
Kardelen Hatun
Özge Çavuş
Nov 27 "Interactive Road Extraction with Pixel Force Fields," by V. Bucha, S. Uchida, S. Ablameyko (ICPR 2006)
"Image Segmentation Based on Inscribed circle," by Zhanrong Li, Jianqing Zhang (ICPR 2006)
H. Gökhan Akçay
Dec 4 "Multiclass Object Recognition with Sparse, Localized Features," by Jim MUtch, David Lowe (CVPR 2006)
"Classification of Segmented Regions in Brightfield Microscope Images," by Marko Tscherepanow, Frank Zollner (ICPR 2006)
"Measure Locally, Reason Globally: Occlusion-sensitive Articulated Pose Estimation," by L. Sigal, M. J. Black (CVPR 2006)
"Action Spaces for Efficient Bayesian Tracking of Human Motion," by I. Rius, J. Varona, J. Gonzalez, J. J. Villanueva (ICPR 2006)
Emel Kaya Doğrusöz
Selen Pehlivan
Dec 11 "Human Vision according to David Marr vs. Computer Vision"
"On the Ternary Spatial Relation 'Between', " by I. Bloch, O. Colliot, R. M. Cesar
(IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics - Part B. 2006)
R. Gökberk Cinbiş
Dec 18 "Searching Off-line Arabic Documents," by Jim Chan, Celal Ziftci, and David Forsyth (CVPR 2006)
"HMMs with Explicit State Duration Applied to Handwritten Arabic Word Recognition," by A. Benouareth, A. Ennaji, and M. Sellami (ICPR 2006)
"Making a Long Video Short: Dynamic Video Synopsis," by Alex Rav-Acha, Yael Pritch, Shmuel Peleg (CVPR 2006)
"Lexicon-based Browsers for Searching in News Video Archives," by M. Worring, C.G.M. Snoek, D.C. Koelma, G.P. Nguyen, O. de Rooij (ICPR 2006)
Esra Ataer
Muhammet Baştan

Spring 2006

We are meeting in room EA 502 at 12:40-13:30 on Wednesdays. You can access the papers from our online bibliography page.

Date Topic Presenter
Mar 8 "Face Recognition Using Face-Arg Matching," by Park, Lee, Lee Derya Özkan
Mar 22 "Classifying Land Development in High Resolution Satellite Images Using Straight Line Statistics," by Unsalan and Boyer
"A System to Detect Houses and Residential Street Networks in Multispectral Satellite Images," by Unsalan and Boyer
Gökhan Akçay
Mar 29 "Object Recognition for Content Based Image Retrieval," by Li and Shapiro Özge Çavuş
Apr 5 "Evolvable Visual Commercial Detector," by Agnihotri, Dimitrova, McGee, Jeannin, Schaffer, Nesvadba Tolga Can
Apr 12 "A New Approach for the Morphological Segmentation of High-resolution Satellite Imagery," by Pesaresi and Benediktsson
"Classification of Hyperspectral Data From Urban Areas Based on Extended Morphological Profiles," by Benediktsson, Palmason, Sveinsson
Emel Kaya Doğrusöz
Apr 26 "Content-Based Retrieval of Historical Ottoman Documents stored as Textual Images" by U.Gudukbay, O.Ulusoy, E.Cetin Esra Ataer
May 3 TBA Demir Gökalp
May 10 Senior Project Presentations Akargün, Aşkın, Kızıl, Kavak, Küçükayvaz, Tokgöz
May 17 "Visual Categorization with Bags of Keypoints" by G. Csurka, C.R. Dance, L. Fan, J. Willamowski, C. Bray Muhammet Baştan

Fall 2005

We are meeting in room EA 502 at 15:40-16:30 on Tuesdays. You can access the papers from our online bibliography page. Send email to if you have any questions.

Date Topic Presenter
Sep 27 "Person spotting: video shot retrieval for face sets," by Sivic, Everingham, Zisserman
"A feature based approach to face recognition," by Manjunath, Chellappa, von der Malsburg
Derya Özkan
Oct 4 "Steering in scale space to optimally detect image structures," by Ng and Bharath Gökhan Akçay
Oct 11 "A boosted particle filter: multitarget detection and tracking," by Okuma, Taleghani, Freitas, Little, Lowe Muhammet Baştan
Oct 18 "Fast object detection with occlusions," by Lin, Liu, Fuh Emre Küçükayvaz
Oct 25 "Sharing feaures: efficient boosting procedures for multiclass object detection," by Torralba, Murphy, Freeman Demir Gökalp
Nov 1 "A visual category filter for Google images," by Fergus, Perona, Zisserman Özge Çavuş
Nov 8 "Object recognition for video retrieval," by Visser, Sebe, Bakker Tolga Can
Nov 15 "Making Latin manuscripts searchable using gHMMs," by Edwards, Teh, Forsyth, Bock, Maire, Vesom Esra Ataer
Nov 29 "Spatially coherent clustering using graph cuts," by Zabih and Kolmogorov Emel Kaya Doğrusöz
Dec 6 "Distinctive image features from scale-invariant keypoints," by Lowe Pınar Kavak
Dec 13 "Appearance based qualitative image description for object class recognition," by Thureson and Carlsson Ahmet Kızıl

Spring 2005

We are meeting in room EA 502 at 13:40-14:30 on Fridays. Send email to if you have any questions.

Date Topic Presenter
Feb 28 A Unified Low Level Analysis Framework for The Video Content Management Systems Umut Naci (at EA 409)
Mar 4 Object Recognition: Generative vs. Discriminative Perspective İlkay Ulusoy
Mar 11 Finding Faces in News Videos Demir Gökalp
Mar 25 Interest'ing Faces in News Derya Özkan, Gökhan Akçay
April 1 Semi-supervised Learning of Classifiers Faysal Bascı
April 22 Text Analysis Ozan Dinçer
May 13 IRIS Video Analyis and Retrieval System (Senior Project Presentation) Korhan Bircan, Ozan Dinçer, Fatih Koca, Elif Önalan

Fall 2004

We are meeting in room EA 502 at 12:30-13:30 on Thursdays. Send email to if you have any questions.

Date Topic Presenter
Oct 7 Content-based image retrieval Selim Aksoy
Oct 14 "Content-based image retrieval at the end of the early years" (local copy), by Smeulders, Worring, Santini, Gupta, Jain
Other relevant papers are:
Kıvanç Köse
Oct 21 Linking visual features with text Pınar Duygulu
Oct 28 No meeting
Nov 4 Face recognition Betül Karaömeroğlu
Nov 11 Face recognition Nazlı İkizler
Nov 25 "Face recognition: A literature survey" (local copy), by Zhao, Chellappa, Phillips, Rosenfeld
Another relevant paper is "Detecting faces in images: a survey" (local copy), by Yang, Kriegman, Ahuja
Derya Özkan
Dec 2 Evaluation of interest points and descriptors Gökhan Akçay
Dec 9 "Statistical pattern recognition: a review" (local copy), by Jain, Duin, Mao [ Slides ] Selim Aksoy
Dec 16 "Statistical pattern recognition: a review" (continued) Selim Aksoy
Dec 23 The Past, Present and Future of Head-Mounted Display (HMD) Designs Ozan Çakmakçı
Dec 30 "Statistical pattern recognition: a review" (continued) Selim Aksoy