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Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing '08

Tampa, Florida, 7 December 2008

Paper Submission

Final paper submission instructions:

Please follow the instructions below to submit the final paper and the associated copyright form.

  1. Create your manuscript(s).
  2. Proofread and check the layout of the manuscript so that it conforms to the formatting requirements of the workshop (it is highly recommended that you do this BEFORE going to IEEE PDF eXpress).
  3. Go to the IEEE PDF eXpress site at Click on the link “New Users - Click Here” and fill in your information. You will need the Conference ID which is: <prrs08x> (author instructions).
  4. Upload source file(s) for Conversion; and/or PDF(s) for Checking. Use IEEE PDF eXpress to attain IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF(s). The site contains extensive instructions, resources, helpful hints, and access to technical support.
  5. Submit final, IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF(s) through the web interface using the “Upload Final Paper” link. The deadline is October 31, 2008.
  6. Also use the “Generate Copyright Form” link and follow the instructions. When you complete the procedure, save the copyright file and email it to saksoy [at] cs [dot] bilkent [dot] edu [dot] tr. The deadline is October 31, 2008.

Submission instructions:

Papers can be submitted through the web interface. You can also edit and re-upload your papers through that interface until the paper submission deadline of June 30, 2008.

  • Paper format: Papers must be written in English, have no more than four (4) double column pages, and should adhere to the ICPR conference submission guidelines regarding the paper format. LaTeX and MS-Word templates for paper submission are available at the following links: LaTeX, Word. Submitted papers must be in PDF format and must follow the submission guidelines.
  • Double-blind review: Authors will not know the names of the reviewers of their papers, and reviewers will not know the names of the authors. Please read the detailed instructions on how to preserve anonymity. Also remember to avoid information that may identify the authors in the acknowledgments (e.g., co-workers and grants). You can include such information in the final version of your paper once the review process is over.
  • Dual submission: In submitting a paper to PRRS, the authors acknowledge that no paper substantially similar in content has been or will be submitted to another conference or workshop during the PRRS review period. However, duplicate submission of a paper to both PRRS and ICPR will be allowed provided that one submission is withdrawn if both are accepted. Notice of duplicate submission must be indicated on the paper.
  • Proceedings: All papers will be published on a CD-ROM and will appear in IEEE Xplore. A selected number of papers will appear in a journal special issue.

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